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Cool New Feature from Travelers Explains Auto Insurance Basics, The Claims Process, and Saving on Your Auto Insurance

Travelers has come out with a new feature that we’re sharing with you.  Their Insurance Basics tool provides us with an a single site where you can learn about the basics of auto insurance, how to choose auto insurance coverage that fits your needs, and how to navigate through the auto insurance process.  They even included some […]

Texas Employers Can Now Report Workers’ Compensation Status Online

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage provides covered employees with income and medical benefits if they sustain a work-related injury or illness.  Texas private employers can choose whether or not to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees.  Except in cases of gross negligence, workers’ compensation insurance limits an employer’s liability if an employee brings suit […]

When Your Teenager Starts to Drive

My teenager just received a license to drive. Do I need to add him/her to my policy now? Will it increase my premium? These are great questions that our customers ask frequently.  The short answers are “yes” and “yes.” Most personal auto policies written in Texas extend liability coverage to anyone using a covered auto […]

Understanding Rental Car Insurance Issues

Should I purchase the Loss Damage Waiver offered by the rental agent when I rent a vehicle? This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently.  Whether you rent a vehicle for personal use while on vacation, or as a substitute while your vehicle is out of commission for repair or service, […]

Texas Minimum Auto Insurance Limits to Increase Jan.1, 2011

Texas residents that have the current minimum liability limits (25/50/25) on their auto insurance policies should be prepared to see their auto insurance premiums increase by a little bit over the next six months.  The premium increase is due to an increase in the minimum liability limits required by the state.  Read on to see what the […]

FloodSmart.gov’s New Ad Campaign – “I’m a home. I’ve got you covered. Please return the favor.”

Check out the new Floodsmart ad videos (31 seconds each) – “As a home, I keep you covered from rain, snow, and cold.  So, please, cover me with flood insurance. After all, flooding is America’s #1 natural disaster.” http://bit.ly/floodsmart-oneinfour http://bit.ly/floodsmart-stuckintherain http://bit.ly/floodsmart-covered Interested in finding out how much a flood could cost you?  Find out here […]

Halloween Safety Tips brought to you by Trusted Choice® Insurance Agencies

Halloween is just around the corner and many consumers may not realize how scary this ghoulish night might really be for their personal safety, their property…or their pocketbooks. Trusted Choice® agents and spokespeople can help families better prepare for Halloween hazards that may come in disguise or under the cloak of dark. To help families […]

Insurance Inspections: Why and What To Expect

Inspections play a vital role in the insurance process.  They are important to the insurance carrier so that they can get a full picture of the risk they are insuring as well as to verify the information on the application.  The information on the application is directly related to the rates for the risk, so […]

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