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Motor Vehicle Accidents, Teenage Drivers, and Insurance

Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death and disabling injury among teenagers. That is why Dale Wisely, a child and adolescent psychologist for 26 years, started a Web site called www.parentingteendrivers.com. The Web site has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post and Foxnews.com among other news sites. There is […]

Winterizing (Draining) Your Sprinkler System

If you’re like me, the company (or individual) that installed your outdoor sprinkler system probably didn’t explain how to drain (a.k.a. – winterize) your sprinkler system and why you might need to do so. I posted a blog yesterday about the importance of having your home prepared for the cold weather. After posting the blog, […]

Freezing Temperatures in Houston Area

As many of you are already aware, below freezing temperatures are expected to hit the Houston area over the next three days. Temperatures in the mid 20’s are expected Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Outdoor pipes, pipes in unheated areas, and pipes that run along uninsulated exterior walls can burst if the water in them […]

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