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National Flood Insurance Program – Update

Here’s the latest update we’ve received about the National Flood Insurance Program (thanks to Travelers) – The reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program continues to be tied up in the tax extenders package as senate Democrats were unable to gather enough support to pass the seemingly controversial package.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed […]

TexasSure Sending Notices to Owners of Uninsured Vehicles

On June 14th, TexasSure Vehicle Insurance Verification program will being sending notices to owners of registered vehicles that are not matched to any auto insurance policy reported to the program by Texas insurance companies.  For those that receive one of these notices, you will need to provide TexasSure with your personal policy information, which will then be […]

Travelers new GreenHome Upgrade, available on TX home insurance policies, helps with repairs using green materials.

With government incentives, industry advertising, and a growing desire to reduce our environmental footprint, going green is an appealing option for most Americans. With this in mind, Travelers will be rolling out their new GreenHome Upgrade on new and renewal home or condo insurance policies in Texas on June 20, 2010.  This upgrade helps with […]

Where You Reside – Common ‘Nonresidency’ Situations that can leave you without coverage in your Home Insurance Policy

Most people that own a home try to protect this asset from loss by purchasing a homeowners insurance policy that provides replacement cost coverage.  Unfortunately, most home insurance policies cover the dwelling ‘where ‘you’ reside’ and not necessarily just the dwelling that you purchased a home insurance policy on.  Many courts have determined that your coverage […]

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