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Avoid Auto Accidents with a Four-Point Safety Check

Want to prevent a car accident?

Implement a Monthly Four-Point Safety Check

To ensure you’re driving a safe vehicle, take a few minutes to conduct this monthly Four-Point Safety Check. Your car and your safety may be riding on it!

  1. Tire Pressure: Make sure all tires are inflated to the pressure recommended in your owner’s manual (not the maximum pressure noted on the tire’s sidewall). The correct pressure will ensure your tires wear evenly which will reduce the chance of blowouts.
  2. Check Front End Alignment: Any pothole or bump can knock your car out of alignment. While driving slowly in an empty parking lot, see if the vehicle is pulling to one side. If so, have a qualified mechanic realign your front end.
  3. Take a Brake: When in park, check your brake pressure. There should be resistance to the pedal when depressed. And, any grinding, squeaking or shuddering you hear or feel when you hit the brakes means it’s time to have them serviced.
  4. Keep Your Lights On: Blown out brake lights and turn signals can be a big hazard on the road. Have a friend help you make sure all lights are working properly.

This post has been brought to you by GMAC Insurance.

Live Without Fear!