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Four Speeding Facts to Make You Think Twice – Auto Insurance

Four Facts About Speeding Exceeding posted speed limits accounts for nearly one-third of all fatal car crashes. Next time you are rushing to get somewhere and find yourself speeding, consider the following facts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): Don’t Let Low Traffic Fool You: Speeding-related fatalities are twice as likely to happen […]

Avoid Auto Accidents with a Four-Point Safety Check

Want to prevent a car accident? Implement a Monthly Four-Point Safety Check To ensure you’re driving a safe vehicle, take a few minutes to conduct this monthly Four-Point Safety Check. Your car and your safety may be riding on it! Tire Pressure: Make sure all tires are inflated to the pressure recommended in your owner’s […]

Five Back-to-School Carpooling Tips

It’s time to go back to school! Consider these valuable back-to-school carpooling tips as you pile the kids in the car and take them to school. Meet with your fellow carpoolers. Get to know your fellow carpoolers to gauge how responsible of a driver they are. Use that time to establish some ground rules in […]

Who is Safer Behind the Wheel: Men or Women?

If knowing the rules of the road is any indication of safe driving habits, then men are the safer drivers. That’s according to the 7th Annual GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test. This year, men had a test score that was slightly higher than 80%. That is significantly higher than females, who averaged just above 74%. […]

Progressive’s New Snapshot Auto Insurance Discount

If you haven’t seen Flo’s description of Progressive’s all new Snapshot Discount for auto insurance, click the Snapshot link below to find out how you can save money for driving safely – Snapshot DiscountProgressive offers personal service from an independent agent or broker, superior claims service and competitive rates. Get a quote for insurance for […]

The Hartford – Mobile for Android and iPhone

If you have The Hartford for your personal or business auto, checkout the new feature they have for you – The Hartford/Mobile for Android and iPhone.  Here are just some of the benefits – Auto accident checklist Exchange accident info, including photos Access auto services Reference handy roadside guides, like an interactive Emergency Kit Checklist and […]

Understanding Rental Car Insurance Issues

Should I purchase the Loss Damage Waiver offered by the rental agent when I rent a vehicle? This is a great question, and one that our customers ask frequently.  Whether you rent a vehicle for personal use while on vacation, or as a substitute while your vehicle is out of commission for repair or service, […]

Texas Minimum Auto Insurance Limits to Increase Jan.1, 2011

Texas residents that have the current minimum liability limits (25/50/25) on their auto insurance policies should be prepared to see their auto insurance premiums increase by a little bit over the next six months.  The premium increase is due to an increase in the minimum liability limits required by the state.  Read on to see what the […]

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