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FloodSmart.gov’s New Ad Campaign – “I’m a home. I’ve got you covered. Please return the favor.”

Check out the new Floodsmart ad videos (31 seconds each) –

“As a home, I keep you covered from rain, snow, and cold.  So, please, cover me with flood insurance. After all, flooding is America’s #1 natural disaster.”




Interested in finding out how much a flood could cost you?  Find out here – http://bit.ly/floodsmart-costofflooding

It doesn’t have to be hurricane season that prompts you to purchase a flood insurance policy.  A flood can happen almost anywhere and they happen more often and in more locations than you might think.  They can occur due to melting snow, flash floods, new developments, and tropical storms or hurricanes.  Understanding your risk allows you to protect yourself from financial loss due to flooding. 

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