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Insurance Inspections: Why and What To Expect

Inspections play a vital role in the insurance process.  They are important to the insurance carrier so that they can get a full picture of the risk they are insuring as well as to verify the information on the application.  The information on the application is directly related to the rates for the risk, so it is imperative that the information is complete and accurate.

Once a policy is issued an order for an inspection is set to an independent inspection company.  A representative from the inspection company contacts you and should identify themselves as an inspector representing the carrier of your insurance policy.  If the inspection is for your home, your presence is typically not necessary as the inspection is usually an exterior observance.  The inspector will take photos of the exterior of the home and note conditions around the property, such as siding or roof damage or any animals on the premises.

If the inspection is for your business, the inspector will schedule an appointment to meet with you and will begin the process by collecting information about ownership of the property, number of employees, gross sales, type of business conducted, security and maintenance of equipment.  The inspector will also take photos and take notes of conditions on and around the premises.

Due to the rise in claims over the last couple of years caused primarily by hurricanes in the south part of Texas, insurance carriers are paying much closer attention to these inspections and enforcing strict guidelines.

If you have questions concerning the inspection process please feel free to contact your agent for clarification.


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