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What are the Real Costs of Distracted Driving?

The costs of distracted driving can be huge and we’re not simply talking about texting fines! Let’s be honest. Teens aren’t the only distracted drivers on the roads. We’ve all found ourselves distracted in some form or fashion while driving at some point. It could be reaching in the back floorboard for a toy to […]

The Most Interesting Man’s Perspective on Insurance

Check out our new Pinnacle Point Insurance video! Who does The Most Interesting Man in the World think of when it comes to insurance? When he thinks about insurance, he calls his agent, Aaron England, with Pinnacle Point Insurance. Stay insured at a competitive price because paying too much for your insurance is just not […]

The Hartford – Mobile for Android and iPhone

If you have The Hartford for your personal or business auto, checkout the new feature they have for you – The Hartford/Mobile for Android and iPhone.  Here are just some of the benefits – Auto accident checklist Exchange accident info, including photos Access auto services Reference handy roadside guides, like an interactive Emergency Kit Checklist and […]

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