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Travelers new GreenHome Upgrade, available on TX home insurance policies, helps with repairs using green materials.

With government incentives, industry advertising, and a growing desire to reduce our environmental footprint, going green is an appealing option for most Americans.

With this in mind, Travelers will be rolling out their new GreenHome Upgrade on new and renewal home or condo insurance policies in Texas on June 20, 2010.  This upgrade helps with repairs or rebuilding using green materials and methods.  They will also be offering a 5% discount on home insurance premiums if your home is already certified green*.

For highlights of the upgrade – http://bit.ly/boN7f9

For details of the features involved in the upgrade and how to qualify for the discount – http://bit.ly/91MlSu

While I really like the idea of companies (and I’m not just referring to companies in the insurance industry) offering discounts for going green, do you think most Americans would pay more for a feature similar to this?

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