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What’s Truly Mad about March Madness!

As we near the end of the NCAA basketball tournament, I thought it would be appropriate to write about the madness of March.  This tournament has been crazy!  However, when everything settled, we ended up with four traditional powers as the last teams standing. All is right in the basketball world.

During tournament games, you no doubt have seen the big auto insurance companies doing their traditional madness in advertising.  You can hardly turn the TV on without seeing a commercial where this company promises better rates than that company.  Switch to us and save $600! If you believe what they say, switching enough between the big companies should end up with free insurance.  Have you ever seen it?  Do you think you ever will?

The real madness is the advertising plan of these companies.  They know they can’t save you all of the money they promise.  Their only goal is to get you to ask for a quote.  They will win some and lose some, but the opportunity is key.  They have enough statistical data to know how many opportunities it takes to result in a sale.  It is all a numbers game.

They are no doubt selling insurance or they wouldn’t continue.  However, there is tremendous downside to their approach.  Consumers are being conditioned to think that price is the only thing that matters when choosing an insurance company, and that all you have to do is switch companies to save money.  That is a dangerous thought when you consider the purpose of insurance.

At its core, insurance is asset protection.  If you are at fault or negligent, you want the insurance company to pay any judgement against you.  In the absence of insurance, your savings, home, retirement, future wages, etc. can all come into play.  Are you willing to put all of that at risk to save a few bucks without knowing your coverage?

There are significant differences in coverage between all insurance companies, and even between different products of one insurance company.  Before you settle on the lowest price, be sure to understand what you are buying. Be comfortable with the agent you are working with.  If you have a serious claim, you won’t care about price when your agent and policy don’t respond. At that point, you will truly understand Madness!

You get the best of both worlds at Pinnacle Point Insurance.  We have been providing outstanding rates and customer service to Houston, TX and the surrounding area.  As an Independent Agent, we have many companies and plans available to us.  We can tailor a coverage plan for you and then shop it to all of our companies to find the best price for that plan.

Give me a call today to see if I can help improve your coverage, lower your price, or both.

Thanks for the blog post Andy!  Andy Dillow is with Torian, Hofmann, Dillow & Flittner (www.andydillow.com)



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