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Why Buy Flood Insurance?

Don’t be confused about flood damage and your home insurance policy.  Damage from rising water (i.e. flood) is not covered peril in your home insurance policy.  Flood damage can only be covered by a flood insurance policy.  Here are some facts to consider (thanks to Peter Uhrig with IIAT):

  • In any given year, 25-30 percent of all flood claims occur outside flood-prone areas.
  • Hurricane season starts June 1 and lasts until Nov. 30.
  • The 2010 season has been forecasted to be extremely active – an estimated 16 to 18 storms with 15 in the western Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico.
  • Floods are the nation’s most frequent natural disaster.
  • Only one-out-of three residents living in high-risk areas purchase flood insurance.

So even if your home isn’t in a 100-yr flood plane, there’s still a chance of it being damaged by a flood.  Don’t be caught off guard.  Please call or email for a quote. 

And…don’t forget that unless a further extension passes or other legislation carries it past this date, the NFIP is set to lapse on May 31, 2010 so let’s get a policy for you before then.

Live Without Fear!