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Winterizing (Draining) Your Sprinkler System

If you’re like me, the company (or individual) that installed your outdoor sprinkler system probably didn’t explain how to drain (a.k.a. – winterize) your sprinkler system and why you might need to do so. I posted a blog yesterday about the importance of having your home prepared for the cold weather. After posting the blog, my wife asked me a question about the information in the post that I didn’t know the answer to which was…you guessed it…draining your sprinkler system. I told her I didn’t know how and that was that.

Until…my neighbor across the street called me today to ask if I knew my next door neighbor’s number because their sprinkler system was spraying non-stop. I looked outside and noticed that the top of the main system had blown off and water was spraying everywhere. I didn’t have my next door neighbor’s number so I did the only thing I could think of at the time and called the water company. But before the water company had a chance to come out to turn the water off, a sprinker (irrigation services) guy came by and actually stopped to turned the sprinkler system off after noticing it on his way to one of his client’s homes. He was extremely busy with all of the calls he was getting from people who had similar issues, but he gave me a quick lesson on how to drain your sprinkler system.

I wanted to post a video for my clients to show them how this worked, but I couldn’t find anything useful on youtube. So, I decided to create a quick video for everyone myself. I hope this helps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyY1siMFKFk

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