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Viaquest Financial Group derives its name from the word, Via, meaning path, and the word, Quest, meaning pursue.  Pursue Your Financial Path is our motto and our philosophy – a philosophy that incorporates a needs-based analysis to create a unique solution for the client.  Every client’s financial path is supported through a relationship of trust and a commitment to service.

The added value that sets ViaQuest Financial Group apart from our competition is the level of experience and the collection of knowledge that is available to all ViaQuest clients.  In addition to the relationship you have with your ViaQuest professional, there is a team of accomplished financial advisors and competent staff contributing to the success of your financial path.


Developing a unique financial path takes an understanding of the client, analysis of current needs, vision for future needs, and a knowledge of which products and services when combined provide value.  ViaQuest Financial Group realizes this first step can be a daunting task, but early preparation and planning will allow the client to take advantage of previously unseen opportunities.


Customizing strategies and services bring added value and uniqueness.  Concentrating on continued education and communication provides for better understanding and more productive services resulting in a long-term relationship, making ViaQuest a valued partner in the continued success of your financial path.

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