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Meet the Team

Aaron England

Agency Owner

Email: aengland@pp-ins.com

Proud Dad, Sports Fan, Gardener, and Insurance Agent!

Aaron, the agency owner, initially received his Life and Health license in 2002 after graduating from the University of Houston. He started his one-man insurance show in February of 2007 after leaving Greater Houston Financial Services (now known as Gibraltar Insurance) where he gained his knowledge of the Property and Casualty personal lines field. Since his humble beginnings, he has moved from his home office to the agency’s current location off of Market Street in The Woodlands. Aaron’s proud that he can now say he has a team of trusted agents that he and his clients rely on each day.

When Aaron isn’t in the office, he enjoys spending time wrestling with his three sons – Blake, Tyson, and Nathan – and loves to hang with his best friend and wife, Crystal. She may be boss at home, but he “plays” one at work. Aaron has an obsession with anything sports-related which is why he coaches his boys’ baseball team and why Crystal can’t pull him away from his Tuesday night softball league (even when he’s injured…which seems to be the case more and more these days). He has a blast experimenting with his outdoor cooking equipment – a grill, a smoker, a fryer, and the new pizza oven. To add to the mix, he likes including some of his homegrown produce from his backyard garden which is his home away from home. Aaron hopes to find some time to invest in putting together an aquaponics system to produce even better results in the gardening arena. Aside from enjoying his outdoor hobbies, Aaron also loves to work out, read self-improvement books, play with his 3 dogs, and just laugh and have a good time.

(281) 528-5737

Crystal England

Email: cengland@pp-ins.com

Outdoors Fan, Avid Reader, Mother of 3 Little Boys, & Insurance Agent! 

Crystal, Aaron’s wife, has had her insurance license since 2008, but only started working for the family business in March 2014. She graduated from the University of Houston in December 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. She worked in a payroll/human resources role with a trucking company for over 13 years but decided it was time for a change.

Crystal loves spending time with her three young sons and husband. She has twins, Blake and Tyson, who are 4 years old and were a complete surprise, and then her youngest, Nathan, is 7 months old. Needless to say, they all keep her very busy! She enjoys reading fiction novels (Patricia Cornwell, Tami Hoag, and Sandra Brown being some of her favorite authors) just to get away from it all and be in someone else’s world with a few non-fiction books trickled in. Being outdoors is what she truly loves – taking the boys to the park, hiking, and playing tennis…even though she’s not very good at it. Crystal has become a Dallas Cowboys fan by proxy since Aaron is constantly buying Cowboys gear for the family to wear on Sundays!!

(281) 528-5737

Hans Smith

Email: hsmith@pp-ins.com

Sports Nut, Coach, Dad, and Insurance Agent!

Hans, a General Lines agent, is very new to the agency as well as insurance. He is continuing to grow with hands-on experience each and every day. He knows he has much to learn but is confident that he’ll get it done with the knowledgeable team of agents he works with. He enjoys the opportunities that allow him to put his prior experience as a graphic designer to use.
Outside the office, Hans loves spending time with his family. He coaches both of his boys’ baseball and soccer teams. When the occasional free time comes about, he loves to experience the peacefulness, joy and frustration of a round of golf.

When it’s not insurance time, Hans likes to hang with his family. He’s a very devoted husband and father and will do “just about” anything for his family. Hans surrounds himself with sports as much as his personal time will allow. It doesn’t matter if it’s coaching his kids in baseball or soccer, hitting the links, swimming, riding his bike, catching a live game, playing fantasy football, baseball, or basketball……yes still listing…..talking sports or just watching it in front of the tube. His favorite teams are the local Dynamo, Denver Broncos (crazy about them), they always consistent San Antonio Spurs, and the not so “Amazing” New York Mets. He’s a transplant so he does sort of “Hook ‘Em” as well. His favorite time of the sports year is March Madness where he wishes he could take 2 weeks off and not move from his couch to take it all in (he wishes!). As mentioned, he’s a sports nut!


Zenda Boyette

Email: zboyette@pp-ins.com

Mother of 3, Granny of 5 Little Boys, Pet Lover, and Insurance CSR

Zenda, Aaron’s mother, recently joined the PPI team. She has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of human resources/payroll/benefits. She decided on a move from Mississippi to Texas to join the team which opened the door for her to have the opportunity to be a more active part of her grandsons’ lives – watching them play baseball and the many other sports they are involved in.

Zenda loves being with her family (dogs & cats included). She likes to take the dogs for walks and play ball and fetch with them. She also likes to hit the flea market trail with shopping buddies looking for that special antique collectible to bring home. She enjoys research – learning historical info and adding new members to her family tree. Other hobbies include crafts/needlework, reading, going fishing and yes, the apple doesn’t fall too far away from the tree – she was born and raised in a family of Dallas Cowboys fans.


Iela “Lala” Epon

Outdoor Freak, Mermaid, and Virtual Assistant

Iela, is one of our awesome staff from the Philippines.  She is an experienced customer service representative that just discovered the insurance world.  She’s continuously learning and growing with the team.

Iela is a certified nature-lover.  She’s obsessed with being outdoors, especially the sea.  She loves organizing camping and hiking activities with friends and families.  Also a sports enthusiast, she used to play Badminton professionally.  Iela enjoys watching crimes and mystery series.  Plus she’s a big JOLLIBEE fan, a true Filipino by heart.

Kenzo Nicdao

Talented Musician, Animal Lover, and Virtual Assistant

Kenzo, another of the Pinnacle Point Insurance team virtual assistants, has more than 10+ years of experience in customer service.  He has been a valuable addition with his attention to detail and willingness to really step in to assist our clients whenever possible.

He is an animal rescuer and a musician who recently joined a reality talent show in the Philippines.  Kenzo enjoys creating songs and collaborating music with other artists during his free time.  He loves collecting sports memorabilia.  He also finds joy in helping animal shelters through volunteer work during weekends.

Ivonne Schneider

email: ischneider@pp-ins.com

World Traveler, History Buff, Wife, and Bilingual Agent Support Staff

Some people have referred to me as dependable, dedicated, and hardworking.  Meaning, I have the tools and attitude necessary to get the job done regardless of the level of pressure or adversity within my working environment.  Moreover, I am a highly motivated and progress-focused individual with a long-standing background in international operations and as an administrator.  In my previous role as the International Sales Operations Manager (Marking and Coding Industry for 14 years), I contributed my skillset in time management, customer service, building international business partnerships, and business improvements.  As I make a cross-over into the insurance industry, I am thankful for the opportunity to be partnered with a firm, such as Pinnacle Point Insurance, that believes in making a positive impact within and outside of their organization by helping people.

As for my personal passions, I enjoy traveling to different countries and learning about different cultures (e.g., history, cuisine, native language, and architecture) and, of course, spending time with my family.

Angelica Laman

email: alaman@pp-ins.com

Big Sister, Traveler, and Service Support Staff

I recently joined the PPI team carrying almost 3 years of experience in customer service.  I grew up in the Philippine province and later on decided to be independent in the city.  I am the eldest of four children and share my house with my beautiful sister in the metro area.  I like traveling, reading and watching movies — but I don’t do it alone, I always do it with my sister.  This is how we bond together when I’m not at work.  That is why the weekends are very special as it is the only time we share moments together.  During the holidays, we go home to the province and enjoy sharing stories and our experiences with the rest of the family.

When I have free time, I browse minimalist home renovations, furniture, and appliances as a way to relax.  I find it enjoyable and motivational to spontaneously add a new piece to our tiny house.

Cindy Garza

Renewal Account Executive

Cindy is our most recent team member to join us. She has 10+ years as a dental coordinator. She decided to take a leap into the insurance world with Pinnacle Point Insurance. 

Cindy loves to spend time with family and friends. She has two adult children (ages 21,23) and two grand-dogs. Sunday fun day is usually spent grilling with her son.  He does the grilling while she cooks for family and friends. Cindy also enjoys watching a good or not-so-good Rom-Com with her daughter followed by listening to a podcast that humorously dissects the movie. 

Now that her kids are adults, she is taking time to explore new things for herself-like dining with her friends or searching for graffiti murals. She recently took her first solo vacation. For relaxation, she loves to get creative with bullet journaling and coloring books for adults.


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