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Introduction to Commercial Auto Insurance

Good commercial car insurance is designed specifically for vehicles, like company cars, commercial trucks, and other types, utilized in the functioning of a business. This coverage financially safeguards the business owner/policyholder from liability issues and from expensive repair bills should a commercial vehicle be damaged while being used for business purposes. This form of auto insurance is made available for the benefit of all kinds of businesses that, in some way, use vehicles for business operations and that are maintained by the business owner. These policies also have built-in protections for the drivers who use them as they protect not only the business but the employees too from liability and other potential legal actions falling within the classifications of a number of different accident coverage examples.




A business auto policy is not too different from normal personal coverage. As with normal personal car insurance coverage, a company seeking coverage first determines what policy components they need and the appropriate levels of protection of each as well. Here are the following types offered: Liability is coverage that financially protects both drivers and passengers of commercial vehicles and others who are injured as a result of accidents and other unexpected loss-causing events caused by a driver employed by the covered company. Uninsured motorist coverage is utilized when a business owner or employee is injured by a driver who lacks insurance. This coverage helps business owners to avoid out-of-pocket costs to deal with property damage or medical costs resulting from an uninsured driver. Collision coverage for commercial cars safeguards the business from the financial consequences of repairs that result from a crash with other vehicles or objects. If the vehicle collides with an object, such as a tree or street lamp, this coverage helps with payment for the damage of the business vehicle. Medical payment coverage ensures that business owners and their workers are protected if ever hurt in an accident while operating or being a passenger in a company vehicle. Comprehensive Coverage provides financial protection against any mishap that damages a vehicle other than those resulting from being driven. For instance, this coverage can payout for damages resulting from vandalism, fire, and severe weather events. Loading and unloading coverage provides the business owner liability coverage should there be an accident and/or an injury during the act of loading or unloading a company vehicle. Roadside assistance and towing coverage is another option, among others, for commercial cars. (Speak with an insurance professional for more information.) Carrying good commercial auto Insurance helps in keeping your business compliant with various states’ and local municipalities’ laws and regulations. (States often mandate that business owners with company vehicles have at least a certain level of minimum business auto coverage.) In obtaining this insurance for your business, not only are you protecting the business and your employees, but you are also being compliant with the law.

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