Ivonne Schneider

email: ischneider@pp-ins.com

World Traveler, History Buff, Wife, and Bilingual Agent Support Staff

Some people have referred to me as dependable, dedicated, and hardworking.  Meaning, I have the tools and attitude necessary to get the job done regardless of the level of pressure or adversity within my working environment.  Moreover, I am a highly motivated and progress-focused individual with a long-standing background in international operations and as an administrator.  In my previous role as the International Sales Operations Manager (Marking and Coding Industry for 14 years), I contributed my skillset in time management, customer service, building international business partnerships, and business improvements.  As I make a cross-over into the insurance industry, I am thankful for the opportunity to be partnered with a firm, such as Pinnacle Point Insurance, that believes in making a positive impact within and outside of their organization by helping people.

As for my personal passions, I enjoy traveling to different countries and learning about different cultures (e.g., history, cuisine, native language, and architecture) and, of course, spending time with my family.

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