Niko Atinen

I grew up in Davao City, in the Mindanao Region in the Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, and at the same time, I took an interest and tried to pursue a minor course in Psychology. I would describe myself as a newcomer in the Insurance Industry. I do not have direct experience with Insurance on a professional level, but I have a decent familiarity with it on a personal level. Overall, I am a beginner who is eager to learn more about the world of Insurance. I am most excited about being a significant factor in contributing to a company whose main goals involve helping other people feel secure in their everyday lives without worrying about losing their most important belongings, which they have worked all their lives for.

I really do enjoy watching movies and TV shows with complicated and psychological plots. I am especially partial to the crime and sci-fi genres that make me contemplate a lot and leave a mark on me after watching. I have a guilty pleasure of spending countless hours playing role-playing video games wherein I create a new character and get immersed in a fantasy world where I strive to improve and make a name for that character, which is very relatable to real life. I am mostly at home when I am not working and on weekends as I love to spend my free time with my family and doing the things I enjoy doing which are either watching movies or playing a new video game.

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