Hans Smith

Email: hsmith@pp-ins.com

Sports Nut, Coach, Dad, and Insurance Agent!

Hans, a General Lines agent, is very new to the agency as well as insurance. He is continuing to grow with hands-on experience each and every day. He knows he has much to learn but is confident that he’ll get it done with the knowledgeable team of agents he works with. He enjoys the opportunities that allow him to put his prior experience as a graphic designer to use.
Outside the office, Hans loves spending time with his family. He coaches both of his boys’ baseball and soccer teams. When the occasional free time comes about, he loves to experience the peacefulness, joy and frustration of a round of golf.

When it’s not insurance time, Hans likes to hang with his family. He’s a very devoted husband and father and will do “just about” anything for his family. Hans surrounds himself with sports as much as his personal time will allow. It doesn’t matter if it’s coaching his kids in baseball or soccer, hitting the links, swimming, riding his bike, catching a live game, playing fantasy football, baseball, or basketball……yes still listing…..talking sports or just watching it in front of the tube. His favorite teams are the local Dynamo, Denver Broncos (crazy about them), they always consistent San Antonio Spurs, and the not so “Amazing” New York Mets. He’s a transplant so he does sort of “Hook ‘Em” as well. His favorite time of the sports year is March Madness where he wishes he could take 2 weeks off and not move from his couch to take it all in (he wishes!). As mentioned, he’s a sports nut!

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