Angelica Laman


Big Sister, Traveler, and Service Support Staff

I recently joined the PPI team carrying almost 3 years of experience in customer service.  I grew up in the Philippine province and later on decided to be independent in the city.  I am the eldest of four children and share my house with my beautiful sister in the metro area.  I like traveling, reading and watching movies — but I don’t do it alone, I always do it with my sister.  This is how we bond together when I’m not at work.  That is why the weekends are very special as it is the only time we share moments together.  During the holidays, we go home to the province and enjoy sharing stories and our experiences with the rest of the family.

When I have free time, I browse minimalist home renovations, furniture, and appliances as a way to relax.  I find it enjoyable and motivational to spontaneously add a new piece to our tiny house.

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