Advice to Help You Avoid the Couch this Valentine’s Day – The Woodlands, TX

Oh, hey, just getting ready for dinner with my hot Valentine’s date. I know I won’t be sleeping on the couch. It’s because I got the Mrs. a nice diamond earring she’s been asking about. By the way, did you know that with home and renters insurance policies, there’s a maximum amount they’ll pay for jewelry stolen. Why is that? Good news. You can pay a little extra to have them covered for their full value or even have a separate jewelry policy altogether. Plus it adds some additional protection like mysterious disappearance. Lord knows I’ve been tasked to help my wife find a missing earring or two. And I can’t tell you how many times she’s had to ping her phone from her watch. Good thing she has that feature. Anyway. I think I’ll double down on my efforts to avoid that couch tonight by getting those earrings covered right away. Remember, friends don’t let friends sleep on the couch. I mean they do if they’re good friends and you know what I’m saying, I’m trying to help you out here. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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