Building Hope One Bed at a Time: Supporting Children in Need

Every child deserves a secure and comfortable place to sleep. Too many boys and girls in Texas and across the United States sleep without a bed or even a pillow. These kids are forced to sleep on couches, blankets, and sometimes the floor. This might have a negative impact on their happiness and health. Thankfully, in our community, Sleep In Heavenly Peace (SHP) is on an ambitious mission to ensure that every kid sleeps peacefully in beds of their very own. This noble organization dedicates its efforts to children in our community sleeping in unwanted conditions and offering them comfort and safety by supplying them with hand-built bunk beds. Their actions ensure that deserving kiddos have a comfy place to lay their heads at night.

At our agency, we believe every child deserves a good night’s rest, so, for the next three months, our team will join SHP to help achieve its mission. 

SHP is a donation-driven nonprofit; however, there are many other ways to donate to SHP besides a financial contribution. For individuals willing to help, AHP provides a multitude of opportunities to get involved with their local chapter. This includes programs like the Bunkhead Club, Bunks Across America, Move4Beds, and their Disaster Relief Fund, which seek to end the national crisis of child bedlessness.

In a dedicated promise to assist SHP in continuing to pursue the achievement of its mission, our agency will be donating $10 on your behalf for every single recommendation you send our way that receives a no-obligation quote! Together, our donation will support SHP and create a positive change in our community. So, what do you say? Send some names our way!

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