In our latest community initiative, Pinnacle Point Insurance has chosen to extend its support to Texas CASA, a remarkable organization dedicated to championing the well-being of children in foster care.

Through the empowerment of dedicated volunteers, Texas CASA ensures that every child’s voice is heard, providing them with the chance to thrive. The organization’s cornerstone is its Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) who undergo comprehensive training and are appointed by judges to be staunch advocates for the children under their care. They forge meaningful bonds with these youngsters, ensuring that their needs are met, their voices are valued, and they find secure, nurturing homes. Recognizing the emotional challenges that come with this role, Texas CASA equips its CASAs with the essential resources needed to navigate these hurdles effectively.

Here’s the exciting part: You can be a vital part of this mission. By recommending our agency to your friends, family, and colleagues for a no-obligation insurance quote, you actively contribute to our pledge of donating $10 for each referral directly to Texas CASA. In doing so, not only do your acquaintances enjoy savings on insurance, but you also become a pivotal force in a movement that positively transforms the lives of these vulnerable children. Join us in championing Texas CASA’s cause, and together, we can ensure that every child has a compassionate advocate who will vigorously safeguard their rights and well-being!

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