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Introduction to Business Insurance

If you created and then managed to make your business successful, likely it took many years of hard work to have made it so. Sadly, if not protected, a single lawsuit can knock down all you have struggled to build within a span of just months. As a business owner, you are exposed and made vulnerable to a myriad of potentially damaging events, like the aforementioned threat of legal action by a consumer. There are also many other perils inherent in running your own business, such as illness, injury, and a wide range of loss-causing events and issues that pop up seemingly out of nowhere. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that the result of such a huge investment of time, labor, and expense should be protected. Good business insurance can go a long way in helping you to avoid losing your business due to any one of the above perils. Business coverage can also assist by covering the expense of any losses or repairs to the business that is the result of theft of equipment and other business-related property necessary for operation. It extends its protections to many kinds of potential physical damage to whatever structure houses your business or to loss of any products or interruptions of services or to expense resulting from injury to one or more of your clientele or customers. This would include mistakes made by employees that cause distress to your customers and so on.

When faced with any one or more of such challenges, filing a claim with your insurance provider can help keep you and your business up and running, generating income for you, your family, and those employed by you. There are several kinds of insurance coverage that can safeguard you and the business, many of which are tailored toward the type of business you own. Essentially, there are three basic kinds of coverage every business should have obtained.

1. General liability protects you from the costs of bodily or property damage to a third party resulting from actions on the part of you, your employees, or the products or services offered.

2. Property coverage safeguards the business from damage to your building and the equipment within that is the result of severe weather, fire, vandalism, or theft.

3. Errors and omissions coverage helps to compensate for losses arising from your failure to properly provide your services.

Other kinds of insurance protection you might consider include commercial car coverage, which helps by covering any losses to vehicles required by your business to operate. Keep in mind that your personal auto policy will not cover any work-related losses. Business interruption coverage can be invaluable should your business not be able to operate due to some kind of a covered loss. This protection will compensate for lost revenue due to the business not being able to function. Other types of coverage you might be wise to consider include cybercrime, workers’ compensation, and more. Whether large or small, your company will likely need good business insurance coverage. Business coverage comes in a myriad of forms to reflect the type of business and the owner’s individual needs and preferences. An insurance professional can help you in determining the most appropriate coverage that can best protect your individual business.

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